Chera Morris, RDN, LD

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Chera Morris is a Certified and Registered Dietitian and is the owner of Intuitive Health Nutrition Consulting. Chera's passion for food, movement, and overall health has led her to specialize in Intuitive Eating. Chera received her Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She interned through the University of Houston at various locations including NASA and Hermann Memorial Medical Center. In 2012 Chera received a Certificate of Training in Intuitive Eating. Chera specializes in helping those with eating disorders, weight and body image concerns, and emotional or compulsive eating. She believes in a client-centered, non-judgmental, non-diet approach to nutrition.

Chera enjoys walking, camping, hiking, country dancing, and spending time with friends and loved ones. Some of her favorite foods include freshly baked bread, sweet potato fries, tomatoes from the garden, and black licorice.


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