The principes taught at Intuitive Health Nutrition Conusulting are based on the Intuitive Eating Process.  A non-diet approach to obtain optiumum health is often a pardigm shift; below is what people are saying about their experience with the Inuitive Eating Process.


"I first met Chera about 3 years ago when she introduced me to the process of intuitive eating. I can honestly say that following the principles of "intuitive eating" has changed my life and my body! Before I was an intuitive eater I did not have a healthy relationship with food or my body. So much guilt was involved and my body size was always dictating my self-worth. When I became an intuitive eater I was able to let go of the guilt, respect my body and care for it better. Today my body is healthy and beautiful. I don't obsess or punish myself for enjoying food and I eat whatever I want. I just stop when I am full and I don't use food as a coping mechanism anymore. I just wish I had discovered this philosophy earlier in my life! Thank you "intuitive eating" and thank you Chera!"
                                                                                                                                                                  -Lisa Davis

"I had been fairly thin my entire life until after my first son was born. I gained 30 pounds and felt like I had done something wrong. That's when I asked Chera to help me, expecting to get a strict meal plan and exercise program, but instead she introduced me to the Intuitive Eating Process. I didn't apply the principles. Then a few months later I was feeling especially frustrated when none of my clothes fit and I was not losing weight, so I asked for help from Chera again and she again recommended that I practice the Intuitive Eating Process principles.  This time I did and instead of continuing to waste my precious time with calorie counting and guilt over not sweating enough in my work outs, I learned what I had known before, but forgot--how to eat intuitively and exercise by doing active things I enjoy. By taking the focus of weight loss off, I am now able to enjoy my life and have patience instead of obsessing about how I look and trying to give up certain foods. By worrying about weight loss, I was actually increasing my chances of gaining weight. Now I am able to enjoy my now two children, my husband, cooking, dancing, swimming, and walking, without worrying about a special diet or painful exercise. Knowledge is power and the concept of Intuitive Eating has changed my life and I am so grateful. So bring on some more pregnancies!"
                                                                                                                                                              -Rachel Birch

"I enjoy food very much! However, as I have gotten older I have found that I don't keep the weight off as easily as I used to. Because of this I started watching my calories and getting down on myself when I would eat something that I felt was a "bad food." When I learned about the Intuitive Eating Process, it helped me re-gain my positive relationship with food. Now I eat what I want, I just pay attention to my body and how I feel. When I am full I stop, when something makes my stomach hurt I make a note of it and choose whether or not I want to eat that food again in the future.
I feel a lot more free now when it comes to food. I feel like I maintain a healthy body weight. I don't think about my weight as much as I used to. I can't even remember the last time I weighed myself, when I used to weigh myself one to two times a day. I love that I am not worrying about my weight and I am eating all the foods that I love.  The Intuitive Eating Process has definitely made a difference in my life!"
                                                                                                                                                               -Kat Tingey




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